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Bodology seeks to improve health through movement.  Every body is unique, which is why each workout is designed for your body.   We train with focus on strengthening of the core, balance, strength, and flexibility.  We also train to keep the heart healthy with cardio; and always work towards your specific goals.


Prenatal/Postnatal Classes

FOCUS ON:  Mindset, Core, Pelvic Floor, Strength & Conditioning

Designed to rehab/prehab your body for birth.  Your core will become stronger, including your pelvic floor health.  Class is appropriate for all fitness levels, and is limited to 6 people per class.  Babies are welcome!

Classes are T, W, TH & SAT 10-11 AM

Monthly Cost: 

$125 for 1 class/week

$200 for 2 classes/week

$265 for 3 classes/week

$320 for 4 classes/week

You choose which classes you'd like to attend each week.

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Meet Katie

NASM Certified Personal Trainer
Knocked Up Fitness Exercise Specialist
Certified Birthfit Coach

I have always had a passion for fitness, starting as an athlete, and training competitively for tennis.  Over the years, my purpose for fitness has changed.  As a mom, I found little information on how to exercise during pregnancy, which instigated my education in prenatal and postnatal fitness.  I love helping moms navigate safe and effective exercises during pregnancy, and allowing them to maintain a relationship with their body;  and in some cases, helping moms begin a relationship with their body and exercise.  It is never too late to integrate fitness into your life- you can ALWAYS benefit from the right kind of exercise.  And the benefits to baby in utero are enormous as well!

Core strength is one of my specialties.  I teach how to properly engage and strengthen the core with breath and stability techniques.  Core stability is beneficial for every single person.

Seniors focus on maintaining muscle and flexibiilty.  Our workouts tend to consist of light strength work, core and joint stability, and range of motion exercises to keep your feeling strong and pain-free, and help prevent injuries.

Beginners also focus on strength, core and joint stability and range of motion, often with an additional emphasis of cardiovascular work.  The combination helps build strength & stability, burn calories, and leaving you feeling happy!

Training for prenatal moms focuses on connecting with the body, core stability, range of motion, strength and labor prep with breathing techniques and interval training to mimic contractions.

Postnatal training consists of rehabbing the body.  This is key!  We do not train until at least six weeks postpartum and we start with strengthening the core and pelvic floor with breath and stability work.  Eventually we move into more dynamic strength and cardio training.

With all of that being said, I design workouts to match and challenge YOUR current level.  I look forward to hearing from you to find out more about what I can to help.  Schedule your first workout and free consultation with me!


How to Create
Intra-Abdominal Core Stability

Watch this video for an intro on HOW we build core stability.  One of two methods that we use is covered in this video.  Inquire for more info and coaching!


Always have a great day on days I train with her. I feel like my body is stronger and more toned- even with a pregnant belly. I feel like I'm getting my body prepared for childbirth and parenthood. It gives me structure. Also she is full of great advice!
I was worried it would be really hard as I felt so out of shape and I also didn't want to hurt myself being pregnant but she takes it slow and steady and definitely has the right training to make sure I don't hurt myself.

Steph B.

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Santa Rosa, CA

(707) 536-6191

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If you or someone you know is hesistant to start working out again for any reason, this is a perfect place to start.  I actually look forward to fitting i my workouts every day!! A+++!!

Kristin J.

I reached out to Katie for help with some simple prenatal workout sand she kept me fit and strong through the rest of my pregnancy.  When I was finally ready to get back into working out, I joined her beginning strength classa nd have now graduated to intermediate strength, woohoo!


I think the series is great!  It's a nice mix of exercises so that no one place gets too sore.  I can't always do all the repetitions but I'm getting stronger!