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Why Ask Why?

In my last blog I explored how exercise affects our resting metabolic rate, and contrary to popular belief in the fitness world, I discovered that most research found that exercise does not significantly increase RMR. This was surprising to me, as I had always heard and believed that a strong body runs like a more efficient machine, burning calories at a much faster rate. It may seem counterproductive for me to share this finding with you, but I believe that transparency is key! I want to share all of the valuable nuggets that I know about fitness with you! An informed mind is the best mind!

This discovery, along with some other reflecting that I’ve been doing, led me to really think about the question of “why” I exercise. Certainly having a high RMR has never been my primary reason to exercise, but it got me thinking about why I spend as much time as I do exercising. Now I share this with you because reflecting on this question is helping me create a more balanced relationship with exercise, and it may do the same for you.

Why are you exercising? If you’d like a hearty list of medical reasons you can look here. But before you do. What is YOUR reason? Take a moment to think about it and write it down in your phone notes or journal, if possible. That way you can refer back to it and even alter it as you evolve.

I will not share my “why” with you yet. Mostly because I’m taking my time to unpack a thoughtful and honest answer before sharing with you. I’ve encountered some things in asking this question that I want to take a closer look at, and maybe you’ll do the same. Or maybe it’s pretty straight forward for you. . Either way I’d LOVE to hear what you come up with! And if you don’t like your answer, then work on creating a new why! What would you like your why to be, and how can you support that mindset?

Mind and body are so connected; and the mind is a huge influencer of the body. So take your time to create a mindset around exercise that respects and honors the body.


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