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WEEKS 34-35


The days have been so hot lately. This week we had a day at 113, 99, and 106. And last week was the same. When I thought ahead to this time in my pregnancy, I thought, “oh, well thankfully I’ll be past the heat of the summer by the time I’m at the end of my pregnancy.” Never did I think that the hottest part of the year would be September! I’m just thankful that we have air conditioning. I tell ya, walking up the hill to pick my kids up from school is the hottest and most exhausting part of my day.

I had a couple big growth spurts over the last two weeks, which makes me feel comfortable about my belly growth. But it does definitely still come in waves: I’ll feel big pressure and expansion for a couple of days and then a few days of nothing, followed by a day of worry.

I feel like I’m in the final stretch now, at 35 weeks, where it could happen anytime- and the baby would be ready. We made it. We created and grew a baby to full term. It’s an amazing, indescribable thing. My body housed this baby for 9 months. I love this baby already and want to protect it. I feel a bond to it already, having lived with it inside of my for this long- we are one.

The movement from this child is intense. Rolling, kicking, punching. So much movement! It feels like the baby doesn’t have enough space and is just pushing and stretching to make room.

I wish pregnancy wasn’t such a solo experience (one of the reasons I offer my classes). My husband doesn’t care to hear about all my observations- but they are so damn cool. I wish he could go through it with me. He would love it AND want to talk about it all the time. But it’s MY thing. Mine and the baby’s.

I recorded some pregnancy meditation videos with pelvic floor physical therapist, Dr. Adrienne Thomason this week which were so nourishing. I feel so lucky to have partnered with her, and to be able to create this beautiful offering to mamas. I was her model, as she took me through the meditation, and it’s exactly what I’ve been longing for: a way to sink into my body and be with my baby in this short amount of time that I have left with baby in me.

People keep asking if I’m over being pregnant and ready for baby to come. My answer is no. This is my last time! I want to savor it. I’m actually kind of sad about it coming to an end. Also, unlike my prior pregnancies I’m in no rush to get baby out because I know the benefits of baby staying in and cooking. Maybe also because I’ve been measuring small, I figure baby may need a little more time to stay in there and fatten up.

I have been feeling a few contractions, at least what I think are contractions, and quite a bit of sharp shooting vaginal pain (usually about once a day). I suppose this is my body going into expansion mode. I hope baby doesn’t come quite yet though.

My next Kaiser appointment is on Tuesday, for my 36 week appointment. This is where they will do an ultrasound to determine baby’s position. They will of course measure my uterus again as well. Hopefully all is looking good. But if not, I have faith that all will turn out okay in the end…whatever process I may need to take to get there.

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