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Week 7

Part 6 of Trying for Another Blog Series

I’m on a pretty regular eating routine now- and am finding that when I eat processed carbs I have more achiness and bloatedness in my belly. I drank ½ a beer the other night and felt terrible! Never did I think I’d say that.

Here’s what I’m typically eating in a day:

Breakfast: shake with fruit, spinach, kefir, collagen and two raw eggs; or two cooked eggs and sausage or bacon, and fruit.

Mid-morning snack: bone broth with some veggies like mushroom and spinach. Lunch: leftovers from the night before.

Afternoon snack: protein bar and sparkling apple cider vinegar drink.

Dinner: protein and veggies of some sort.

My exercise routine is pretty regular right now too. Something like this:

-Tuesday: two hours of tennis with Christine

-Wednesday: Lower Body Strength/Core & short walk

-Thursday: Rest

-Friday: Upper Body Strength/Core & short walk

-Saturday: Teach Yoga & 1.5 hrs tennis

-Sunday: Rest

-Monday: Light Full Body Body-Weight circuit

Every night I deal with abdominal discomfort- it’s a mx of bloating, indigestion, and nausea. It lasts pretty much throughout the night and into the morning. I’ve still been able to stomach my morning coffee though. I’m drinking smaller cups, and adding this MCT Collagen Powder to it, which is supposed to be a source of “clean” energy. I have felt like my nausea may be easing up a little, or maybe I'm just getting used to it.

I’m hesitant to admit it (but that’s what I’m here for, right), but we have already started a name list. Hesitant because I don’t want to get too attached yet. It’s a weird balance to figure out: trying to maintain a positive attitude about the pregnancy outcome, and also not getting overly invested. I haven't figured it out yet, but I’m leaning towards embracing the mindset of hoping for the best and dealing with the worst if it is to come. So names: I’m loving the name Karina for a girl. Second in line for a girl is Joey, after Luc’s little brother. We wanted to use the name Joseph if we have a boy, as it goes way back in Luc’s family. Luc’s Dad is Joseph, and Luc’s brother is Joseph Dunn Martin the VI, but he is reserving that name to use in case he has a son of his own. :( Luc really likes the name Jack for a boy, and I don’t have any stand-outs yet.

I head to Houston on Friday for my Birthfit Coaches training and I am SO excited to learn more, meet Lindsey Matthews whom I’ve been progressively following over the years, and to be among my fellow fitness birth world professionals!

And next Thursday is our first baby appointment at Kaiser! So excited! I’m planning on explaining that I’d prefer to forgo the first Ultrasound, so long as they can tell us the gender of the baby through the blood test instead (I have heard that they will not without an Ultrasound).

More to come!

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