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Week 6

Part 5, Trying for Another Blog Series

Ugh. I don’t remember feeling this bad in my last two pregnancies- definitely not this early on. I’m nauseous pretty much all day now, although I do find relief when exercising and shortly after. In my previous pregnancies, small snacks curbed my nausea. This one- nope, it still hangs around. It’s dull, but enough to bring me down a couple notches.

And the tiredness. By the end of the day- I am wiped! A few days ago, I fell asleep at 7:30! I had to wake up to put my littles to bed. On the regular, my new bedtime is about 8:30 pm, and I’m waking up around 5:30 am. That’s 9 hours of sleep, people! And I’m only six weeks!

I’m also feeling a drop in my mood pretty regularly. Similar to my PMS state, but not quite as bad. Typically when I PMS, everything looks pretty bleak for about a day. Now I’m noticing that I just have a lingering feeling of sadness. I’m assuming it’s associated with hormones.

I googled the likelihood of having twins the other day, because of this hormonal surge (higher levels of hormones occur with twin pregnancies). Twins account for only 3.2 percent of births in the U.S. (BabyCenter). Fraternal twins occur when two of the mother’s eggs get fertilized in the same menstrual cycle. This type of twins often runs genetically on the woman’s side, and is twice as likely to occur than identical twins. Identical twins are when the fertilized egg splits into two identical eggs, and this is to be an inherited occurrence. I did find some interesting things that supposedly increase your chances of having twins (aside from genetics in fraternal twins): being over the age of 35, being White or African-American, and one source listed eating a diet heavy in animal products- what?!! We probably don’t have twins cooking, but…..

I came across an article in the BabyCenter app (one of the two I use) that described a metallic taste in one’s mouth during pregnancy, called “dysguesia.” I had never heard of it before! Apparently it’s a common onset in the first trimester and is associated with nausea and odor sensitivity. I immediately associated with it. I hadn’t really thought about it before reading the article, but I definitely have this odd, yucky taste in my mouth all of the time. I don’t notice an aversion to certain foods or smells though.

The mask mandate lifted in California this week. I’m glad that my baby will not be subjected to a masked population- and that he/she will enter into a more confident and hopefully relaxed society.

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