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Week 5 - Symptoms Begin

Trying for Another Blog Series, Part 4

Week five started off rough. My husband has been gone a lot lately because he is coaching basketball, on top of his 9-5 job. So he’s been gone almost every night the last week. Celebrating your pregnancy alone is not that much fun. I can’t imagine going through it as a single mom. On top of that, I hadn’t been sleeping well. I kept waking up at 4 or 5 am, unable to fall back to sleep. On Saturday I hit a wall and was emotionally and physically drained.

But later that day, after playing some tennis, I returned home to find a bouquet of tulips, chocolates, and a beautiful note from my husband. He gave me exactly what I needed: love and attention, and it made my heart so full. He spent the rest of the day asking me details about the pregnancy and how I’d been feeling. And we spent the night cuddling on the couch watching our favorite shows. It really felt amazing to share the experience with him. There’s so many little things going on in and with only the mother that can make you feel really alone.

The only symptom I had until about 5 weeks, 3 days was super sore breasts; then sleepiness hit. I started falling asleep at 8:30 pm every night. The next symptom to hit was nausea. I went to get my regular chiropractic adjustment (Acorn Chiropractic Club specializes in prenatal/postnatal and they’re amazing!), and upon getting up from the table, I felt my first bout of, “I think I’m gonna hurl.” But it came and went in waves until I got home and ate some avocado and crackers. Since then I’ve realized that I have to take my prenatal vitamins in the afternoon to avoid nausea.

I’ve been putting more thought into having an ultrasound or not…more to come on that.

I’ve been really enjoying my new commitment to nutrient dense foods. I’ve been trying out more of Lily Nichols' liver-infused recipes: Beanless Beef Chili, Grain-free Shepherd’s Pie, and Slow-Cooker Pork Shoulder (without liver). Ok, these recipes are delicious! Like not just “for liver” delicious- they're for real super tasty! These are all in her book, Real Food for Pregnancy.

I’m loving shopping at Whole Foods now because they’re quality food selection is fantastic! It’s like a candy shop for me and I end up spending way too much money, but I tell myself it’s justified since it’s for baby production. Groceries is the place I’ve always allowed myself to splurge anyways.

On Wednesday I had a hankering for sushi. So after Ella’s gymnastics class, we stopped by a sushi place for lunch and I indulged in eel and salmon sushi. I figured it was okay- the eel at least was cooked, and Lily Nichols recommends salmon up the wazoo! But later that day, I wondered, “is raw sushi okay?” I googled Lily Nichols website about whether or not raw salmon was okay and did not come up with an answer. I decided to let it go, because I already ate it.

I love the showering of support during pregnancy. It’s nice to be reminded of all the kindness and love around me.

On to week 6!

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