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We had our rescheduled doula appointment this week. We mostly talked about how I envision my day of birth going and what requests I want to make with my hospital experience. Here’s what we came up with in terms of hospital “birth plan”:

-I will get the IV drip lock put in (I have no problem with this and she said it helps to ease some tension with hospital staff

-I’d like to birth in various positions (probably all fours)

-Luc will help catch the baby

-We will decline the Eye Ointment and Hep B Vaccinations for baby

-We will request delayed cord clamping for 3-5 minutes (30% of the baby’s blood remains in the placenta upon birth)

-I will request pitocin be administered only if needed after birth (it is used to avoid hemorrhaging and easing the placenta delivery).

In addition, Bee will bring string lights for the hospital room. She suggested making a playlist on Alexa (one fast and one slow) as it helps to create a calmer ambience for everyone. She also suggested buying a couple pillows from Target to bring with our own pillow cases as well as blankets (for us and baby), because the hospital ones are so shitty.

We plan to stay at home to labor until I feel like it’s getting close. I will call my mom to watch the kids, or our neighbors are on standby in a pinch.

I learned a lot in this meeting as I got to ask Bee a lot of questions about certain birth choices. I will meet with Bee weekly from here on out for body work. And I see Kaiser next week for my 38 week appointment.

Aside from that, it was another hot week- in the low 90s. Turns out this is the worst time to be pregnant. My mom did it with me though. My birthday is in a week and a half. If I could choose, I’d have baby come a few days after my birthday.

My workouts have slowed down significantly. I get pretty exhausted from mild exertion now- especially with the heat! So I’m walking a little and doing a little strength training (about 30 mins, five times per week).

I’m having a lot of body image stuff come up this week because I feel so huge and overweight. I’m fearful that the weight is not going to come off like it did before. I feel like a big blob. I’m trying to stay positive by reminding myself of these mantras, “My body is a safe and healthy place for my baby.” “My baby is happy in my body.” Staying focused on this helps me keep my goal in mind.

We have a lot to do before baby comes. Shopping for those Target items I mentioned, making two playlists on Alexa, putting the carseat in, packing my hospital bag, purchasing some postnatal things I'll need: witch hazel pads, nipple cream. I also am still trying to finish up some work projects- yikes! It feels like a lot, but trying not to get overwhelmed. I know it will all work out even if I can't get to it all beforehand.

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