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My first born, Anders, finished Kindergarten this year and I am so proud of him. He has this innate consistent optimism in him that I can’t take credit for. Whenever you see Anders, he is smiling. That is his natural state. I suppose it’s his optimism that allows him to be so resilient too. His teacher says that he’s always willing to raise his hand, participate, and face a challenge.

Anders and I have had a deep connection ever since he was an infant. He is loving, kind, patient, calm and thoughtful. I just want to hug him and kiss him 90% of the time (we do have our challenges too).

My parents came to Anders' little promotion ceremony for his class. I’m so thankful that they are around and willing to attend these things for my kids.

This year Anders has grown a lot, and so have I. Anders made a lot of new friends, and so did I! I made a core group of about five mom friends this year through Anders school, and I am both proud and feel blessed to have them. I really value having the supportive network of friends, as it provides the same for my family as well.

I’m not talking about pregnancy am I? My pregnancy has been going really well. I can’t think of anything eventful this week, except checking off another week off! I’m definitely growing, and showing. I think I’m at the stage where people wonder if I’m pregnant or not.

It’s been fun feeling baby kick. The kids and Luc have been able to feel the kicks too. It usually happens at night when I’m resting. I still feel kind of nauseous at night, but I think it could also have to do with taking my prenatal vitamins. I take them throughout the day, but they may affect me more at night.

I’m getting antsy about not having a name. Here’s what’s on the list so far. Boys: Jack, Jordan, Micah, Marcus, Klay, Leo Girls: Jordan, Joey, Zoey, Marley, Willow, Tessa

I don’t know, we’re just so all over the place.

Not much more to report this week.

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