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Part 13, Trying for Another Blog Series


4 months! I can’t believe I’m four months pregnant! It’s still hard to believe that there’s a tiny human with legs and arms, kicking around in there! I really almost don’t believe it. Sometimes I think my belly is popping and sometimes I don’t. This comes with a feeling of disappointment and a little worry.

But I had my 16 week baby appointment this week. I met a new OB, because my OB, Dr. Harper is out on medical leave, which I was informed of the day before my appointment. Honestly, this annoyed me a little because I haven’t had a chance to talk with Dr. Harper during this pregnancy yet. And she’s handled my two prior pregnancies. So they set me up with Dr. Garcia, and it ended up being a great match! I questioned her as to why I had an ultrasound at my last appointment, and she explained that that was a standard ultrasound because the baby has grown more and there’s more to see at 12 weeks. Ok, I felt better knowing it was a standard procedure, not just on a whim. Somehow we got on the topic of my being a personal trainer for prenatal/postnatal moms, and that opened a whole can of worms for us. I talked about pelvic floor. She shared that she’s trying to get pelvic floor therapy to be an immediate referral for postpartum moms! Oh how excited I was to hear that! We went on to talk about how postpartum care is pitiful in the U.S. So, now I’m set on seeing Dr. Garcia, at least while Dr. Harper is out.

Dr. Garcia went to check my baby’s heart beat. I was actually nervous this time! Because I feel like I’m so small! I was worried that the baby may have stopped developing. She searched for a few seconds and then, lo and behold in the lower right sector, there was the beat of life.

The night after my appointment I had my first baby dream! Thankfully it was a good one. And it left me with such a happy feeling. In my dream, baby was a girl, and she appeared big and chubby, the size of an eight month old. She was bald and happy, smiling and laughing often. Even though we were in a stressful environment. You know how dreams are hard to describe, all I can say is there were monster trucks and I was searching for and trying to rescue someone. This caused me to have to pass baby to other people, and I kept forgetting that I needed to nurse her- although she wasn’t fussy- I was worried about my milk supply drying up. So that was interesting. Despite it being a chaotic dream, baby was happy, and I was just a little stressed, so this left me feeling positive. And, now I’m convinced that baby will be a girl! I had a dream with Anders pregnancy that he was a boy (before finding out) despite thinking he was a girl. So I am a believer in dreams telling the truth.

Still no baby kicks, but that should be soon. Next baby appointment is the anatomy scan at 20 weeks. See ya next week!

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