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WEEK 14 & 15

Updated: Apr 25, 2022


I didn’t post last week because- Easter, and I was too busy with my stepson’s 12th birthday sleepover party. We hosted 30 adults and 10 kids for Easter. It was so fun! Our first time getting the extended family back together since pre-Covid. Boy how the kids have grown. And Julian’s sleepover party- whew! That was fun and interesting to see how 12 yo boys behave in their natural habitat: like animals.

I don’t feel pregnant. It’s weird. I can forget about being pregnant a lot of the time. This was not the case with my first two pregnancies, and I’m enjoying it. I’m enjoying my state of relaxation during this pregnancy. Something about it being the third time for me, is really allowing me to succumb to nature. I am in a place where I trust the process and my body. It’s also just this small window I’m in: my nausea has improved, my belly hasn’t popped, and I don’t yet feel baby kicks. I’m guessing I have about two weeks left in this phase. I will enjoy it while I can. It’s also kind of weird though- it makes you wonder if the baby’s really in there like they say it is. My boobs definitely say it is. Haha. Sometimes that is literally the only way I can tell I’m pregnant these days. Also, my evening baby bump is totally different from my morning/day baby bump. At night it at least doubles in size. Have you found this too? This was the case with all of my pregnancies.

I’m also feeling really good with my workouts. I went for a jog the other day and my body felt relatively normal. I’m not pushing myself nearly as hard, but I still ran/walked about 4 miles. It took me almost an hour and I was definitely tired after, but it felt good! I’m not experiencing the pregnancy discomforts of heaviness or uncomfortable belly bouncing yet. I can’t remember when that came in the last pregnancies. But it’s nice to be in this sweet spot for now.

I’ve drifted away from my stricter “power baby” eating habits. For instance, last night I ate about ten pieces of leftover Easter candy, had pizza at lunch and dinner(alongside vegetables), and had a cookie as an afternoon snack. That’s about the worst a day of eating looks for me. And I will say that I notice feeling crappy through the night and next morning after pounding that shitty candy. But it’s okay. I learned a long time ago to not beat myself up over eating “mistakes.” They happen and the best I can do is move on and do better the next day. Beating myself up and trying to make up for it the next day by eating less or what have you, just creates a yo-yo cycle. Anyways, I would like to get back to better awareness of what I’m consuming- for me and my baby. This is the time to be mindful- it’s creating a human life for crying out loud. And mindset is what makes the biggest difference for me. I need to get my head back to thinking about food as nutrition/fuel, rather than so much as fun (a little bit of that is good too).

I was in two minor car accidents over the last two weeks. Crazy, because the last time anything like that happened was probably six years ago. And even crazier is that they both occurred at the same intersection on my commute to take my kids to school. The first was someone trying to merge into my lane without seeing me, so we just got a little side bumped. There was no damage. The second was in stop and go traffic leading up to a light, and the man behind me did not stop when I did and ran right into me. This one jolted me forward and shocked my system immediately. I was scared for the baby. I called my husband and started crying out of fear and shock. My neck felt a little off, and luckily I was right next to my chiropractor, so I popped right in and was seen instantly. Thank you Acorn Chiropractic Club! Dr. Carli checked me out and noticed something off about my neck. She worked on it and within 20 minutes it felt better. I was not at fault in either of these recent incidents (seriously, I’m not evading blame). I went to the chiro the next few days and now my neck feels fine. Seriously, Acorn and their staff are the best. I love their friendly vibe and convenience!

Ok, that’s all for these glorious two weeks 14 & 15. Baby kicks coming soon!

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