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Week 13

Updated: Apr 10, 2022

Part 11, Trying for Another Blog Series

This has been a good week. My nausea is subsiding, although not completely. Nausea hits me the worst in the evening. My energy seems to have improved a bit, also. It’s been a super chill week for me with work. For some reason I’ve had a number of cancellations the last couple of weeks. We’ve had workers in our house helping with our bathroom and kitchen reconstruction projects. My goal was to have the projects done before baby comes, and it’s happening! So excited to get a new kitchen especially.

My belly is continuing to round. Starting to look/feel more pregnant. The baby is the size of a lime. A lime with little arms and legs, hands and toes. Amazing. It’s even sucking it’s thumb already!

I pulled a calf muscle this week while playing tennis, so my movement has been limited. I’ve been exploring other ways to get my cardio in, aside from running and tennis, and in doing so I rediscovered kickboxing! I forgot how much I love kickboxing and how great it is during pregnancy! I taught cardio kickboxing for years, and through both of my pregnancies. Moving to the beat, kicking, and punching is great for the core and opening the hips! I’m thinking I need to start doing that again- it’s a great form of cardio for low impacters/preggos. Maybe I can incorporate it into my prenatal/postnatal classes somehow.

I’m starting to have the urge to focus more on me and baby connection. What that means I’m not even sure. I think just taking a few minutes a day to sit and be with baby, giving the baby my intentional energy and connection.

I finished reading The Fourth Trimester, by Kimberly Ann Johnson. This, and Transformed by Birth, are my two favorite books on birth/the motherhood transition so far! I could read/listen to them time and time again. I went back through and notated inside each book, with plans to use some of the activities in my pre/postnatal exercise classes. Audiobooks and podcasts are a game changer for the multi-tasking mom, are they not?! I listen to them in the car, while exercising, folding the laundry and cleaning the house! It’s the best. Sometimes I have to intentionally take a break and put music on though, so I’m not always in productive mode.

That’s all for now. Signing off, and into Week 14.

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1 Comment

Apr 10, 2022

Yes, switch to music and dance as if no one is watching!

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